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Behind Our Studio Doors

Where the Audio Magic Happens

If you’re looking for a professional sounding Masters, you’ve come to the right place.

BassFuzz Mastering is an acoustically treated mastering suite located in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis, MN with mastering grade monitors, converters, and analog processing.

BassFuzz Mastering came to be from using my previous mastering experience at Original Sound Records to build an affordable studio of my own to help master mixes without the cost of going to a fully commercial facility.
I started working as a Mastering Engineer for Original Sound Records in Hollywood, CA for the label of the famed "Oldies but Goodies" releases. After that, I returned home and worked as the Technical Support director for Minnetonka Audio Software for almost 10 years while building and growing BassFuzz Mastering. These experiences have given me direct insight on the master process and the cutting edge technology of the High Resolution and Surround Sound audio market.


Analog touch to digital recordings

BassFuzz Mastering has been working with FideliQuest to help tweek their new FiDef software. They collaborated with BassFuzz Mastering for some critical listening when developing the algorithm and listened to my input. BassFuzz Mastering uses Fidef on all its masters and love the subtle natural "analog" sound it brings to them. Click on the link to find out more and see my endorsement on the Artist Page.

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