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High End Digital and Analog


High End Digital and Analog

bassfuzz front.jpg

BassFuzz Mastering is acoustically treated with a combination of custom built and commercial absorption and diffusion to create an environment for critical acoustic reference (Readyacoustic High Frequency, Broadband, and Super Subass traps, ArtDiffusors Models C and F). 

Monitoring by Westlake BBSM12 fed by an Emotiva XP-5 Power Amp using MIT MH-750 Speaker Cable, Adam S3A Monitors, PMC TB2S+ Monitors, Tyler acoustid Linbrook Signiture series speakers, and Miller&Kriesel 55160 Subwoofer.  

Converters include Mytek Brooklyn AD, Burl Audio BAD4/BDA8, Benchmark DAC-3 and DAC-1, Dangerous Convert-2, Dangerous Music Source Monitor Controler/DA, and Meitner EMM Labs AD/DA2 converters. In addition to normal PCM, DSD files can be processed or created for the SACD format. 

Analog gear highlights include 
Millennia NSEQ2 ( Modded w/Forssell Technologies board Class A discrete JFET operational amplifiers.)

Kush Audio clariphonic EQ
API 2500 Compressor
Fearn VT-7 Tube Compressor
Groove Tubes GloryComp Compressors

Inward Connections TSL-4

Dramastic Audio Obsidian Compressor

elysia Xpressor Compressor
Tascam DV-RA 1000 Master Deck Recorder.

Wavelab Pro 10 and Sound Forge Pro 14 Daws with extensive plug-ins

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